609.499.1393 401 Firehouse Lane, Florence, NJ 08518

New Career Fire Fighters

The Florence Township Fire Department asked in the budget for 2023 to better staff the fire truck on a more consistent basis. We are glad to announce that we have hired 4 full-time firefighters to help us better respond to emergencies at all hours of the day.
The new hires are Matt Taylor, Andrew Leach, Matt Brown and Andrew Tolstoy.
September 23rd was the first day that 3 career firefighters are on duty! We still need volunteers as a house fire takes at minimum 15 to 20 firefighters to extinguish safely. If you would like to volunteer just stop down at the station any time and pick up an application. We also have 4 volunteers attending fire school with a graduation date in December.
We would like to thank everyone in town who supports us! Without your support none of this would be possible.