609.499.1393 401 Firehouse Lane, Florence, NJ 08518

Special District Meeting


agenda for 11-13-2023

Notice of Special Meeting

PLEASE BE ADVISED that the Commissioners of Fire District No. 1 in the Township of Florence, County of Burlington shall hold a special meeting on November 13th, 2023, at 7:00 pm at Florence Twp. Fire District No. 1 401 Firehouse Lane Florence to approve the 2024 Capital Budget for the following:
Basic Life Support Ambulance Vehicle not to exceed $350,000 and a Fire Department Command/Support Vehicle not to exceed $ 65,000. At said meeting the Board of Commissioners of Florence Township Fire District No. 1 shall either approve or disapprove of said proposed capital projects and determine the amount of monies to be expended concerning the capital budget.

BY: Commissioners of Florence Twp. Fire District No. 1
Florence Township Burlington County

Capital project number one replaces a 2017 SVI ambulance. The current ambulance has 99,117 miles. The ambulance responds to approximately 2200 EMS assignments per year. The annual maintenance and repair costs for this ambulance are over $ 12,000. The repair time has caused the ambulance to be out of service for periods of time leaving the district with only one ambulance, causing the fire district to be out of compliance with the NJ Department of Health EMS requirements.

Capital Project number two is for a Command/Support Vehicle to replace a 2012 used police vehicle the district obtained after the police department retired the vehicle with 105,000 miles. The vehicle currently has 162,000 miles. The annual maintenance and repair costs for this vehicle have exceeded $ 9,000. The vehicle will be used by command and support staff to respond to emergency incidents, to transport firefighters to training, community education in schools, enforcement of the NJ Fire Code and emergency medical assignments.