609.499.1393 401 Firehouse Lane, Florence, NJ 08518


2024 VendorsAmountCategory
Action Uniform Co. LLCUniforms
Continental Fire Saftey, incEquipment
Dwod-Fox Mechanical HVAC
ESI Equiptment
First Responder Joint Ins. FundInsurance
Florence Township
Florence Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1Leases
NJ Division of Pensions & Benefits
Penn Power Group
Public Service Electric and Gas
US Bank Corp

For the year 2023, all the venders that the fire district used that were over $17,500.00

2023 VendorsAmountCategory
Action Uniform Co. LLC$19,377.96Uniforms
Continental Fire Saftey, inc$56,960.14Equipment
Dwod-Fox Mechanical HVAC$35,064.72
ESI Equiptment$99,124.36
First Responder Joint Ins. Fund$134.523.00Insurance
Florence Township$227,733.38
Florence Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1$22,000.00Leases
NJ Division of Pensions & Benefits$44,569.94
Penn Power Group$48,569.94
Public Service Electric and Gas$69,570.37
US Bank Corp$101,093.80